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  • Members at the opening of Gloucestershire Gateway Shop
  • Trees in Matson

Welcome to Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, a unique charity which seeks to create charitable benefit in the county particularly the communities of Matson, White City, Podsmead, Tuffley and Stonehouse.

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is working to enable sustainable regeneration in our target communities and to help create sustainable income sources for some of our local community partners.

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust is working to demonstrate how charities and businesses can unite around a common interest to generate substantially more charitable benefits than a charity could deliver on its own. Our joint motorway services project with Westmorland Ltd is a unique national exemplar of this type of social investment and how it can have a multiplier effect on charitable benefits. The Northbound Gloucester Services will open in May 2014 and it is hoped to start building Gloucester Services southbound  in 2014 too. 

Read the some of our recent  blogs 'Walking the Plank for Gloucester Services' at gloucesterservicesblog.com/tag/mark-gale/ and 'Community Spirit' at gloucesterservicesblog.com/2013/09/27/gloucesterservices-community/

BBC Radio 4 ran a program on Feb 13th 2013, entitled "Hard Shoulder, Soft Heart". You can listen to the program here.(opens new page, streaming download).